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Get an Outlook Attachment Reminder

Do you sometimes forget the file attachments you meant to include in an email message? Thanks to a free plugin for Outlook, now you can be alerted when you do just that.

Head over to CodeTwo‘s website and download the free Outlook Attachment Reminder. Install and configure it to scan for text in your email’s subject line and body text (such as “attachment” or “attached” or “see the document”). When you press the send button, if the system finds that you included these phrases but did not attach a file, it will prompt you to do so before sending out the email.

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More About the Power of Reminders…

Regardless of how well you set up your lineup for the day and schedule, you aren’t going to complete things except if you have a solid method for reminding yourself to really do them.

Any individual who’s gone through an hour reviewing the ideal basic food item list just to acknowledge at the store that they neglected to bring the rundown comprehends the significance of updates.

Tokens or the like are what turn a gathering of paper merchandise or web administrations into what David Allen calls a “trusted system.”

Many individuals oppose showing signs of improvement sorted out. Regardless of what sort of tumultuous wreckage, their lives are on an everyday premise since they realize themselves all around ok to realize that after all work they’ll likely neglect to take their rundowns with them when it is important most.

Luckily, there are approaches to ensure we make sure to check our rundowns — and to make sure to do the things we have to do, regardless of whether they’re on a rundown or not.

As a rule, we need a ton of pushing at first, for instance by making an update, yet in the long run we gather up enough speed that doing what requirements doing turns into a propensity — not a special case.

Chapter by chapter list

  • From Making Reminders to Building Habits
  • The Wonderful Thing About Triggers – Reminders
  • Instructions to Make a Reminder Works for You
  • Increasingly About Habits
  • From Making Reminders to Building Habits

A propensity is any demonstration we take part in naturally without pondering it

For instance, when you brush your teeth, you don’t need to consider each and every progression through and through; when you lurch up to the sink, propensity dominates (and, truly, propensity got you to the sink in any case) and you wind up putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, putting the toothbrush in your mouth (and never your ear!), spitting, flushing, etc with no cognizant exertion by any means.

This is something to be thankful for in such a case that you’re in any way similar to me, you’re not by any means fit for cognizant idea when you’re brushing your teeth.

The uplifting news is you as of now have an entire arrangement of efficiency propensities you’ve developed through an amazing span. The terrible news is, a ton of them aren’t excellent propensities.

That brisk game Frogger to “release you up” before you get working, that consistently winds up being 6 hours of Frogger – that is a propensity. What’s more, as you probably are aware, propensities like that can be difficult to break — which is one reason why propensities are so significant in any case.

When you’ve supplanted an inefficient propensity with a progressively beneficial one, the new propensity will be similarly as difficult to break as the bygone one seemed to be. Arriving, however, can be an errand!

The old saw about anything you accomplish for 21 days turning into a propensity has been basically disparaged, yet there is a part of truth there — anything you do long enough turns into an imbued conduct, a propensity

A few people get propensities rapidly, others over a more drawn out time range, however in the end, the practices become programmed.

Building beneficial propensities, at that point, involves rehashing an ideal conduct over a long enough timeframe that you begin doing it without deduction.

In any case, how would you make sure? Also, shouldn’t something be said about the things that don’t should be propensities — the coincidental occasions, such as taking your check stubs to your home loan financier or making a specific telephone call?

The secret to reminding yourself frequently enough for something to turn into a propensity, or simply that one time that you have to accomplish something, is to interfere with yourself here and there such that triggers the ideal conduct.

The Wonderful Thing About Triggers — Reminders

A trigger is whatever you put “in your way” to remind you to accomplish something. The best triggers are connected somehow or another to the conduct you need to create.

For example, on the off chance that you need to make sure to take something to work that you wouldn’t ordinarily take, you may put it before the entryway so you need to select up to get from your home.

In any case, whatever grabs your eye and reminds you to accomplish something can be a trigger. A morning timer or kitchen clock is an ideal model — when the chime rings, you know to wake up or remove the quiche from the broiler. (Ideally you recall which trigger goes with which conduct!)

On the off chance that you need to impart a propensity, the activity is to put a trigger in your way to remind you to do whatever it is you’re attempting to make into a propensity — and keep it there until you understand that you’ve effectively done the thing it should help you to remember.

For example, a post-it saying “check your calories” set on the icebox entryway (or perhaps on your preferred sugary nibble itself) can enable you to recollect that you should reduce — until one day you understand that you don’t should be reminded any longer.

These triggers all require a great deal of thinking ahead, however — you need to recall that you have to recollect something in any case.

For a ton of assignments, the best update is one that is totally robotized — you set it up and after that forget about it, believing the trigger to spring up when you need it.

Step by step instructions to Make a Reminder Works for You

PCs and pervasiveness of portable Internet-associated gadgets make it conceivable to set up programmed triggers for pretty much anything.

Work area programming like Outlook will spring up updates on your work area screen, and most online administrations go an additional progression and send updates through email or SMS instant message — simply the thing to keep you on track. Sandy, for instance, simply does programmed updates.

Robotized updates can enable you to fabricate propensities — however it can likewise enable you to recollect things that are too essential to ever be trusted even to propensity. Diabetics who need to take their insulin, HIV patients whose medicine must be taken at a specific time in an exact request, telephone calls that must be set aside a few minutes, and other vital occasions require triggers notwithstanding when the propensity is set up.

My recommendation is to set updates for pretty much everything — have them sent to your cell phone here and there (either through an inherent schedule or an online administration that sends refreshes) so you never need to consider it — and never need to stress over overlooking.

Your week by week audit is a decent time to enter new updates for the coming weeks or months. I basically would prefer not to consider what I should do; I need to be reminded so I can think pretty much really doing it.

Using Outlook to access Gmail

Access Gmail with Outlook

Do you have a Gmail account but prefer using Outlook to access your email? You can configure your Gmail to behave like a normal mailbox so that you can download it using your favorite desktop or mobile client such as Outlook. You can then access your mail offline, and use tools you already use with Outlook, such as Outlook’s mail formatting features and MS Office integration. Here’s how:

1.       First set up your Gmail account for POP or IMAP. If you use other Outlook features such as Tasks and Notes, consider usingGoogle App Sync for Outlook instead.

2.       In Outlook, add a new email account.  Remember to use your email address when setting up your account (including ‘’ or ‘’). For the exact steps, follow the instructions here.

3.       Are you using a mail client other than Outlook? Check out instructions from Google here.

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Here’s More Information on Using Outlook to Access Gmail

One of the best ways to get started with cloud computing is to use a cloud-based e-mail service such as Google’s Gmail instead of server-based Microsoft Exchange. However, you may not be ready to jettison the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook just yet. Not to worry: Outlook can be configured to work with Gmail.

But before you can configure Outlook to work with Gmail, you must configure Gmail to work with Outlook. To do that, you must enable the IMAP protocol for your Gmail account.

Here are the steps:

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right, then choose Settings.
  • Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP to bring up the POP and IMAP settings.
  • Click Enable IMAP.
  • Click Save Changes.

After you configure Gmail for IMAP, you can add your Gmail account to Outlook.

Here are the steps for Microsoft Outlook 2013:

  • Start Outlook 2013.
  • Choose File→Account Settings.
  • In the Account Settings dialog box, click New.
  • Choose Email Account, then click Next.
  • Choose Manual Setup or Additional Server Types, then click Next.
  • Choose Pop or IMAP, then click Next.

In the Add Account page, enter the following information:

  • Your name: The display name you’d like to use
  • Email address: Your complete Gmail address (e.g.,
  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • User name: Your complete Gmail address (e.g.,
  • Password: Your Gmail password

  • Click More Settings
  • Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Select My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Select Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server.
  • Click the Advanced tab.

Enter the following information:

  • Incoming server (IMAP): 993
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 465
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
  • Click OK to close the More Settings dialog box.
  • Click Next.

Be patient while Outlook tests the connection.

When the test completes, click Close. (If the test is not successful, carefully double-check all of your entries.)

  • Click Finish.

By The Way, Here Are 7 Stats That Prove Email Is Here to Stay

It appears as though everybody’s attempting to declare the demise of email. What began with Microsoft”s $1.2B securing of Yammer a couple of years back has been additionally powered by Slack”s late $220 million valuation and bits of gossip about Facebook’s FB@Work stage. While the facts demonstrate that new businesses like Slack are upsetting the email space — email’s not the best instrument for cooperation or venture the board — email showcasing is having its very own minute in the spotlight — because of late information supporting its capacity to drive income and advance to shoppers’ interest for one-on-one connections with brands.

These 7 details can enable any business to grasp the intensity of present day email advertising and make increasingly important associations in the inbox

Supported leads make 47 percent bigger buys than non-sustained leads

Each email address is a chance to sell, yet that doesn’t mean you need to hit supporters over the head with advancements. Now and again it’s a moderate form. The best email advertisers line up a progression of mechanized messages that energizes an association with their business. The messages may contain aptitude, guidance, stimulation or a look behind the drapery — notwithstanding extraordinary offers. The normality at which this substance gets conveyed keeps a brand top of psyche, making it much simpler for your supporter of make the jump to client.

Email change rates are 40x those of Facebook and Twitter

Online networking has demonstrated to be a ground-breaking showcasing device, yet its prosperity lies in its capacity to cast a wide net and begin recounting to your image story to fans and adherents. It’s the mixed drink party discussion of showcasing, yet don’t hope to make numerous deals there. You’re in an ideal situation utilizing your social diverts to attract individuals to your email list, since that is the place arrangements go down. The Direct Marketing Association reports that email promoting ROI is $43 for each dollar spent, making it the best advertising channel out there.

Significant messages drive 18x more income than communicate messages

I shop at Banana Republic, so for quite a long time I’ve gotten messages advancing their most recent accumulation or up and coming deals. In any case, what I’ve seen recently is the means by which dialed in their substance is to my own inclinations. Incidentally Banana Republic has made sense of my propensity for blue and dim sweaters — and I simply adore them for it. The advertiser in me knows Banana Republic is utilizing information astutely to target me, Sweater Man, even amidst summer. Yet, on an essential human level, I simply feel like somebody gets me and needs to interface me to the stuff I like.

I likewise buy in to messages from an online shoe retailer that hasn’t exactly grabbed on the way that I’m male, so I get the chance to find out about things like up and coming deals on stage wedges. I’m way less inclined to open their messages, not to mention snap and make a buy.

Each business has information. The test (and the chance) is making information important and significant. What’s more, it’s alright to begin little — have a go at fragmenting your rundown by sex, last buy date or whether they opened your messages over the most recent three months. Tailor the message likewise for your best email yet.

Customized messages improve navigate rates by 14 percent and transformation rates by 10 percent

Here’s the thing about email advertising: Everyone knows there’s not an individual physically sending each email, ensuring the one that peruses Dear Christopher is really heading off to an individual named Christopher. But then, it works. Getting a customized email is what might be compared to hearing your name yelled out in a noisy room. It slices through the commotion and requests your consideration. Be that as it may, personalization goes past only a first-name welcoming. Embeddings a beneficiary’s organization name or last thing bought is another approach to utilize information to be increasingly important.

58 percent of grown-ups browse email before anything else

A considerable lot of us feel like we’ve achieved something on the off chance that we can look at messages and thump a couple of answers before our feet hit the floor. Advertisers should exploit this AM fixation on our inboxes. Take a stab at sending your best perusing material promptly in the day as a test — you may very well observe a spike in commitment.

Individuals check their cell phone up to 150x every day

Furthermore, browsing email is really the main revealed action on advanced cells, prevailing over making real telephone calls. The versatile inbox is a combat zone, however. Multi-section bulletins packed with substance can look really horrible on a little screen, so except if you’re utilizing a responsive format that consequently resizes and revises your substance for cell phones, you risk scamming your image and your message, also getting erased. (Did you know 80% of individuals basically erase an email in the event that it doesn’t look great on their telephone? I revealed to you it was a war zone). Anybody can plan for the versatile inbox, however: Just keep your substance in a solitary segment, utilize a 14-pixel textual style and structure your catches at any rate 46 pixels on each side — that is the ideal size for fingertip taps.

Supporters that get an appreciated note show 33 percent all the more long haul brand commitment

The exact second somebody hands over an email address is the point at which the individual is most keen on got notification from you. A computerized welcome email causes you begin your association with your supporter on the correct foot, and it satisfies over the long haul. I suggest sharing something significant immediately, similar to a whitepaper or a coupon, however you can likewise utilize an appreciated email (or arrangement) to share tributes or recount to your organization’s starting point story — anything that makes your new group of spectators individuals feel like piece of the internal circle.

So email is perfectly healthy, yet the present shopper is savvier and more defensive of their inbox than any time in recent memory. With some additional exertion around timing, substance and configuration, email advertisers can keep crowds drew in (and burning through cash). Also, who knows, perhaps as we move our work discussions to projects like Slack and FB@Work, email promoting will see another flood of achievement. The inbox could turn into the spot we go to enjoy a reprieve from work and communicate with the brands that truly get us.

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Tidying Up Outlook Window Clutter

If you spend your day replying to e-mail in Microsoft Outlook, you may find yourself with a stack of open message windows all over your screen by lunchtime. Fortunately, most recent versions of Outlook can help you keep things tidy by closing the windows for you.
Read more.

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Here Are 4 More Tips to Decluttering Your Inbox

What you can do to diminish the size of Outlook letter drop?

So as to send and get messages without issues, it’s important to lessen the size of Outlook letter drop. Erasing a few messages and connections would be the most effortless approach to do this. Be that as it may, this by itself isn’t sufficient to adapt to the circumstance. That is the reason Microsoft has given some inbuilt highlights in Outlook to manage the ‘Full Mailbox’ circumstance. Additionally, some outsider Outlook the board devices are incredibly useful in such manner.

A couple of basic approaches to decrease letter drop size are:

  • Erase huge Outlook messages and connections
  • Use Mailbox Cleanup utilities
  • Pack the Outlook information document (PST)

Attempt outsider Outlook the board devices like Compress PST, Split PST, Remove Duplicates, Attachment Management

  • Erase enormous Outlook messages and connections

Erasing enormous messages, without a doubt, is the smartest method. As opposed to arbitrarily erasing enormous measured documents, you can pursue a precise way to deal with oversee Outlook connections. The means are:

  • Open Outlook. In the envelope list, click Search organizer, at that point select New Search organizer.
  • Look down the rundown and under Organizing Mail, select Large mail. Snap Choose under Customize Search Folder.
  • Determine a size in the ‘Show mail more prominent than’ box (for instance 6000 KB). Snap OK to proceed.

Snap OK again and an organizer named ‘Bigger Than 6000 KB’ is made under Search Folders. This recently made envelope will get refreshed with the sends of size in excess of 6000 KB naturally.

When you face letterbox size issues, simply go to the Search Folders. There, click on the recently made organizer, and erase your sends which are not all that significant. In the event that you need, you can spare the connections to your drive before erasing it (by right-tapping on the connection and after that clicking ‘Spare As’ or ‘Spare All’ alternative).

Keep doing this, until the post box has enough space for new messages.

Use Mailbox Cleanup Tools

You can trim the size of your letter drop utilizing the choices in the Outlook Cleanup Tools (you can get to it by following File ? Information ? Cleanup Tools).

Three choices are accessible in the Cleanup Tools dropdown list:

  • Letter box Cleanup
  • Void Deleted Items Folder
  • File

Utilizing the Mailbox Cleanup Option, you can see your letterbox estimate/post box organizer sizes. Likewise, you can discover things bigger/more seasoned than a predetermined cutoff.

Letter drop Cleanup likewise gives you the office to chronicle the more seasoned things which are not required any longer. Snap AutoArchive to move your undesirable things to a different organizer consequently. With its propelled choices, you can channel the things you have to chronicle. Furthermore, you can Browse and choose the area where you have to spare your filed things.

With the Empty alternative, you can erase every one of the things present in the Deleted Items envelope for all time. Prior to that, you can see the erased organizers and subfolders (assuming any) and their sizes.

Pack the Outlook information record (PST)

In Outlook, Outlook information records can be compacted physically. Compacting records would help in reestablishing some space in the post box. Prior to beginning the method, erase the things that are not required. In Navigation sheet, right-click the Deleted Items envelope and after that snap Empty ‘Erased things’ organizer.

At that point pursue the means given:

  • Dispatch Outlook. In the File tab, select Account Settings and afterward snap Account Settings.
  • Snap the Data Files tab, select the PST record to conservative, and after that snap Settings.
  • In Outlook Data File discourse box, click Compact Now. This is the last advance.
  • Attempt outsider Outlook the executives instruments

With outsider instruments, it is anything but difficult to deal with the size of Outlook post boxes. Devices are accessible to pack and conservative PST records, to expel copy things from post boxes, and even to part huge PST documents.

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How to Add Signatures in Outlook 2010

37e8signatureIn Office 2010, the locations of some features are different, and if you’ve recently upgraded you might be wondering where you can add signatures to your emails. Here are the steps for inserting signatures in Outlook 2010. 
Read more.

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More About Adding Signatures in Outlook

A mark discloses to you something about a character. Similarly as two individuals barely compose alike, they likewise sign in an unexpected way. That is the manner by which the “science” of Graphology appeared. Be that as it may, the computerized age and the email mark have diminished the manner in which you approve a mail to a reference. Only a composed name, and perhaps a telephone number or a Twitter handle – how completely dull. Similarly as there is an approach to compose and arrange legitimate messages, there are likewise approaches to end them well.

7 Netiquette Guidelines For Writing Emails and Forum Posts

Netiquette is short for system or web behavior. It includes the extraordinary arrangement of social shows found in online communications. While netiquette is fundamentally the same as great conduct or manners in disconnected experiences, there are…

A couple of years back, I told you the best way to make custom marks in Gmail with Firefox additional items. A lot of that data stays genuine. So do the six hints to get increasingly out of your Gmail email marks. The ongoing theme is to make an elaborate impression, yet additionally make an individual brand or advance a corporate one.

Thus, right away, how about we take a gander at how you can profit by the intensity of email marks

The Benefits of an Email Signature

An email mark demonstrates your receptiveness to convey. A very much planned email mark passes on polished methodology by means of your messages. An email mark is an advancement apparatus for a business, a site/blog, a book, or a social reason. An email signature with the applicable data is your short-history. An email mark is likewise a long range informal communication device, similar to a business card.

The Absolute Basics of an Email Signature

A flawless email mark says only one basic thing – you care about the manner in which you convey. Thus, an essential email signature without a pinch of claim should answer your identity, what you do, and how you can be reached. I for one incline toward an email signature that is negligible and does not hoard space. Our abilities to focus being constrained all things considered, I feel you could begin with these focuses…

  • Your complete name.
  • Your contact data.
  • Your own or expert site/blog.
  • Your street number (or some other you should need to incorporate).
  • Incorporate connects to your informal organization profiles just in the event that they are significant enough.

Structuring a Simple Text Email Signature

Email marks in basic content enable you to make clean lines of data without extravagant designs and logos. They are likewise steady crosswise over gadgets and aren’t impeded if picture blockers are set up (as in Gmail or Outlook). Planning a basic content mark for your email takes some inventive idea since you can just work with text styles, text dimensions, images, dispersing, and the hues accessible.

The accompanying picture delineates a slick content mark made in Gmail:

Email marks

This is a straightforward mark that took me only 3 minutes to set up in Gmail. All I utilized was the Verdana textual style and some separating between the letters of my name to make it stick out. On the off chance that it suits you, you can pick the shades of your organization logo to structure your content mark.

Incredible email marks

To take your default Gmail signature past content, you can utilize the rich word processor in Gmail to flavor it up with hyperlinks and pictures as well.

Take Your Gmail Signature past Simple Text

The rich content mark editorial manager in Gmail additionally encourages you make HTML logos. You can embed little straightforward logo symbols for the administrations you need spoke to in your mark. A propelled Google Image Search will give you the area of such symbols. Numerous administrations have media logos in various sizes, for example: Twitter. Ideally, go for 16px by 16px measured straightforward symbols. Transfer and position them properly. Here’s an example signature I made rapidly:

Incredible email marks

Additionally note (as this Gmail bolster page says) – on the off chance that you send letters “from” numerous locations in Gmail, you can set an alternate mark for each location in the General tab of your settings. You can likewise utilize the intensity of canned reactions to set up different email marks in a similar record.

Email Faster and Better With Canned Responses

Try not to have room schedule-wise to prepare lunch? Don’t sweat it, snatch a can. Need some outdoors chow that won’t turn sour? Simple, get some canned sustenance. Tired of composing a similar email answers? Attempt canned messages! Think…

Make a Signature with LinkedIn

Extraordinary email marks

LinkedIn has a rich mark generator that encourages you populate your messages with HTML marks. The mark generator accompanies many tinted subjects to give your messages an adapted look. The LinkedIn signature generator gives you a JavaScript window as observed beneath. You can duplicate glue the code into email customers which bolster HTML marks.

Cool email marks

The mark generator does not say that it bolsters online email customers. In any case, there is a basic workaround you can actualize for Gmail. Just duplicate all the content in your LinkedIn mark and glue it into another create window. Gmail naturally shows the mark with the LinkedIn topic picked precisely safeguarded. You can spare and re-utilize this signature as a canned reaction.

Cool email marks

Zest Up Your Emails with Third-Party Email Signature Tools

  • WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a program add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Thunderbird. The program augmentation accompanies many email mark layouts which you can tweak with your very own data like a profile picture or logo, IM and social profiles. The particular component of WiseStamp is that it gives you a decision of applications over the social web which you can interface with your mark. For example, you can add a Facebook email application to advance a Facebook page or a WordPress application to give your blog readership a lift.

The free form gives both of you marks (for example individual and business), while the paid form with various plans accompanies numerous mark support.

A year ago, Tina completed an exhaustive audit on WiseStamp. From that point forward new applications like Pinterest and Instagram have been presented. is a webmail stage that is bolstered. One of the critical increments are the Sidebar Apps.

The most effective method to Spice Up Your Email Signatures With WiseStamp

WiseStamp enables you to make various customized email marks for all standard webmail accounts, including Gmail, Windows Live/Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail. Notwithstanding standard individual information and person to person communication profile…


Recognizing Phishing Messages

What’s phishing? How does it work? Keep yourself aware of basic phishing techniques and you might just save yourself from becoming yet another victim of these unscrupulous fraudsters.

Online oracle Wikipedia defines phishing as: “the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.” We probably don’t need to tell you what kind of damage unscrupulous people can do with that kind of data in their hands. This is why it’s important to identify phishing messages from the get go and prevent becoming a victim.

What makes a phishing message tick? How are they different from spam? What makes phishing different from spam is that phishing messages masquerade as official correspondence from a trusted source. While spam can be filtered, many phishing messages manage to bypass these filters precisely because they seem to be legitimate messages. They can be disguised as communication from your bank, your credit card company, or even from a large company such as Microsoft or Google, or social networking sites like Facebook, or MySpace. These messages come complete with official-sounding content and even logos stolen from the legit websites.

The website links in the message, however, direct you to a fraudulent but official-looking website where you are asked to divulge personal information. You can check these links by simply hovering your mouse pointer over them – watch out for misspelled or faked / masked websites.

Sometimes a telephone number is posted, and when called, you are asked for personal information. Remember, legitimate companies never ask for your password or similar data.

Another identifying factor: phishers bait people with everything from ultimatums (such as a deadline or expiry date) to shocking statements (such as, “you’ve won a hundred thousand dollars!”). These kinds of phrases are designed to create a sense of urgency, making users fill out forms and click on links without fully considering the consequences.

If you want to know more about phishing and how you can safeguard yourself against it, we’ll be happy to fill you in and discuss a customized security plan to keep you fully protected.

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Protect Your Email From Hackers

9748email-hacked-BMost hackers just like the thrill of breaking through a computer security system, but there are others who may not be as harmless. Some will get into email accounts and use all the sensitive information that they can access, for their own benefit.

Email hacking is becoming a common problem of web users. As more people have become dependent on the internet for almost everything they need, a vast amount of sensitive information is now within reach of unscrupulous individuals known as hackers. defines a hacker as “someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer system.” Most hackers just like the thrill of breaking through a computer security system, but there are others who may not be as harmless. Some hack into email accounts and use all the sensitive information that they can access, for own their benefit.

How can you tell if your email was hacked?

  • You can’t log into your email account.
  • Your sent folder contains messages that you never sent.
  • Your email contacts inform you that they have been receiving spam messages from your account.

What can you do if your email has been hacked?

  1. Change your password.
    If you learn that your email has been hacked, change your password immediately. Choose one that won’t be guessed easily.
  2. Check all your other accounts: email, social networks, blogs, etc.
    Many people use one password for all their accounts because it’s easier to remember. While this may be more convenient, think of the major losses you could suffer if a hacker gets into all your accounts.
  3. Delete all accounts that you have not been using for a long time.
    Hackers love to get into email accounts that you don’t use anymore, since it takes a longer time for you to realize that you’ve been hacked  giving the hacker more time to do damage.
  4. Send an apology to all your email contacts.
    While most internet users are aware that email hackers are the ones sending the spam, some may not understand and may be angry with you. So, it is best to send all your email contacts an explanation and an apology.

How can you prevent hackers from getting into your email account?

  1. Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed.
    Many people use easy-to-guess passwords such as their own names with their birthdates at the end, which is very easy for hackers to crack. It’s best to combine upper case and lower case letters along with numbers and symbols such as the ampersand, dollar or percent sign.
  2. Change your password at regular intervals.
    To make it more difficult for email hackers to crack your password, change your password every one to three months.
  3. Avoid giving your email address to every website that asks for it.
    Give your email address only to people and organizations that you trust. Some websites exist only to sending out malware or spyware. Think twice before you provide your email address to websites that you browse.

The internet has certainly made life a lot more convenient but unfortunately, it’s also made it easier for hackers so you must be vigilant. Take all necessary precautions so that your email account is always secure.

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Is Your Email Enough?

9c65Email-System-BHaving the right kind of email system in place can do wonders for increasing productivity, especially for people on the go. It’s important to note the distinctions and feature differences of the email systems available to you, so you can be sure that what you’re using is the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Whether you work from an office or are productive while on the go, email most likely plays a big factor in the way you go about your business. Unbeknownst to many, some types of email systems have certain limitations that by extension can also limit the level of productivity of your business, and especially for people in the organization who must also work while out in the field.

One major issue for many people is synchronicity. Many people need their emails to be accessible on their mobile phones, PDAs, or other mobile devices, and they need them to be properly synchronized with their desktop workstations. The need to constantly update conversations and email threads from mobile devices to desktops with certain types of email can prove to be tedious and unproductive– and some email system types don’t include this ability at all.

Depending on the way you use your email, especially when on the go, having full access and full control of your account can define how productive you and others in your organization can be. Besides providing a much better degree of synchronization and integration with mobile devices, certain types of email systems also have features for sharing and collaboration features that allow you to set schedules and share files from your mailbox, as well as central storage for emails that allows you to access your account seamlessly with any mobile device, regardless of where you are located.

Of course, having a full-featured email system might not be best for everyone. The key is to know whether adapting a more bare-bones system is cost-effective for your business (especially in the long run). Sometimes the top of the line may be needed, and sometimes all you need is a bit of tweaking on your less fully featured system. Not sure which is best? Call us and we’ll be glad to sit down with you and assess what kind of email system is best suited for you and your business.

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Cloud Email with Office 365

9fe7GGApps-MS365-BInterested in setting up your company’s email in the cloud? Here are two options to consider—one from Microsoft, the other from Google. See how they compare.

Google Apps
Google Apps is a service from Google that started in 2006, with the introduction of Gmail—a hosted email service, and which later incorporated other apps such as Google Calendar, Groups, Talk, Docs and Sites. Google Apps allow customers an independently customizable version of these Google products under their own domain name. The entry level option is free, but the package offered for Businesses is a paid service with an annual fee per user and additional storage space.

  1. Storage. Gmail, Google Apps’ email service starts with a sizable 7GB of free storage. Business users get 25GB. Bear in mind however that this storage space is shared with any data you have in other Google properties such as Picasa Web Album and Google Docs. Extra space can be bought however starting with USD $5 per year for an extra 20GB of storage. E-mail attachment sizes are limited to 25MB.
  2. Calendaring and Task Management. Gmail can be integrated with the overall excellent Google Calendar application. Google Calendar allows you to easily share personal calendars with colleagues, or create shared calendars used by groups of people (such as a calendar to track meeting room reservations, marketing events and others). Google Calendar also offers a built-in, but somewhat underpowered task management tool. Tasks can readily be added with due dates, but not readily shared or cannot be nested or linked with other tasks.
  3. Spam filtering, security and reliability. Gmail’s spam filtering features a community-driven system. Email tagged as spam by users help identifies similar messages as Spam for all other Gmail users. Generally the system works well, although some have complained that it can get over aggressive in its filters. In terms of security and reliabilityGmail has been criticized in the past with showing ads in its free Gmail service that display based on key words in the user’s messagespotentially violating their privacy. Its paid service offers however the option of disable these ads. Reliability is generally good with very few, but widely publicized disruptions in service.
  4. Usability. Gmail offers a host of unique usability enhancements that make it different from most other mail services. For one for a web app it loads really fast, as Google has been known to studiously optimize web page loading performance for their products. Another is that it offers a threaded view of messages by default. It also uses a starring/labeling system to tag and segregate messages instead of using folders. Another interesting enhancement done recently is the ability to sort messages by “importance” where it learns based on your usage over time what email messages it thinks you think are important.
  5. Mobile access. Gmail offers a version optimized for mobile devices, as well as support for a variety of devices for their native mail applications such as iOS and Android.

Overall Gmail is a solid mature choice if you are thinking of moving email to the cloud and are not afraid of being on the bleeding edge of cloud services and technology.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365, like Google Apps, offers a host of applications such as online versions of productivity tools which we all already know and use such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Most however work best when they are used in conjunction with your desktop-installed Office applications. Focusing on email, Office 365 offers a Hosted Exchange service, which transforms the mature, business-proven on-premise application to an on-demand service. Compared to Google Apps, it is quite newbeing introduced only last June this year, although its suite of products in an alternate form has been around for much earlier.

  1. Storage. Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange email service gives users 25GB of storage. Attachment file sizes are limited to 35MB. Additional storage can be purchased for $2.5 per GB per user per month.
  2. Calendaring and Task Management. Exchange integrates a mature feature set for personal productivity including calendaring, resource management, and task management. As an example tasks can be grouped, color coded and easily sorted. Emails can be converted as tasks and so on.
  3. Spam filtering, security and reliability. This is an area where perhaps Microsoft easily outshines Google with Exchange’s roots as an enterprise-class application. It offers spam protection, antivirus and others via Microsoft’s Forefore Online Protection for Exchange technology. It offers other features such as more full features user management, identity access management, mail archiving, etc. If you are in a highly regulated industry like financial services or healthcare these features may be essential for your business.
  4. Usability. While the web apps of Office 365 is not as fast loading or as slick as Google, it does offer familiarity. Modeled after their desktop brethren, or directly integrating with themthey offer a smoother migration experience for users specially if they have been weaned on Outlook.
  5. Mobile access. Like Gmail Microsoft made sure to support a variety of devices on launch, as well as integration with a variety of devicesspecially enterprise stalwarts like Blackberry mobile phones.

Overall Office 365 is a solid choice if you are thinking of moving email to the cloud but may be hesitant with changing the apps your users already know and use. Also if you are a business with strict policies related to security and compliancethis service may be something your auditors and IT people may be more comfortable with.

Interested in learning more? Can’t decide which to try? Let us know and find out how we can help get you the right balance between your existing IT systems and infrastructure and the cloud.

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LGN Office Outlook replaces Hotmail

Hotmail replaced by

Windows_Aug29_B2012 is shaping up to be a really big year for tech giant Microsoft. With the impending release of Windows 8, nearly every Microsoft product and service is receiving an update to both its visuals and features. One of the latest changes Microsoft has made is with its aging Hotmail. The change is a massive one, and it appears to be for the better.

In late July Microsoft quickly announced and released, their new cloud based email service. If a Web based email service from Microsoft sounds familar, it is, as is a reinvented and drastically improved version of Hotmail. has completely ditched the clunky, outdated layout Microsoft has used for Hotmail for years and released something that looks 100% modern, and maybe even a little spaceage. The general opinion is that it looks fantastic. For Gmail users, it looks instantly familiar, with files and folders on the left-hand side of the window, your emails in the center and addons on the right-hand side of the screen.

Hold on, isn’t that exactly the same as Gmail? Yes, and for a reason: it works really, really well. However, does improve on Gmail with integration of a large number of features including:

  • Integration with Microsoft Office. All documents sent to you can be viewed and edited online.
  • Integration with SkyDrive. When you click the Outlook box at the top of the window, a drop-down menu opens with the ability to shift to your SkyDrive. This makes it easier to switch and share files between the two services. This also allows you to share larger files that don’t have to be sent via email, slowing down delivery. Just share the file on SkyDrive and link to it in the email.
  • Synchronized contacts. You can instantly synchronize your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and chat with them directly from
  • Skype. Experts wondered what Microsoft would do with Skype when they bought it last year. The answer is: integrate it with While it isn’t active yet, Microsoft has noted it should be part of soon. When it’s activated, you’ll be able to call and chat with your contacts via Skype, directly from the Inbox. There will be no need to install Skype on systems.
  • Mobile support. You can access your account on nearly any mobile device that can connect to the Internet.

How do I get an account?
If you’re interested in getting an account, you can sign up for free at If you have an existing Hotmail account you can log in, select Options followed by Upgrade. All your contacts, emails, password and rules will be transferred over. looks like a viable competitor to Gmail, and because it’s a Microsoft product, it’s a near certainty that it will be a heavily supported platform that can and will attract many businesses and other organizations. If you’re interested in learning more about, please contact us.

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Exchange Server Support - Outlook 2010

How to Add Signatures in Outlook 2010

37e8signatureIn Office 2010, the locations of some features are different, and if you’ve recently upgraded you might be wondering where you can add signatures to your emails. Here are the steps for inserting signatures in Outlook 2010.
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More About Adding Signatures in Outlook

Each advertiser, and particularly those in programming showcasing, comprehends the intensity of “filling the channel” with prospects that are keen on what your organizations brings to the table, regardless of whether items or administrations. Advertisers crosswise over numerous ventures have depended upon the trusty “paid, possessed, earned, and shared” channels that have demonstrated to be effective for a considerable length of time (with a couple of new channels presented en route): help site traffic with SEO, go to public expos and host field promoting occasions, utilize advanced publicizing and remarketing, actualize a PR technique, utilize online life, without any end in sight.

Advertisers are open about imparting their encounters to these time tested channels, and it’s actual they’ve demonstrated effective and have gotten numerous organizations to where they are today—alongside, obviously, a ton of diligent work, experimentation, and deals speed. Be that as it may, what sorts of new innovation would you say you are attempting? How is your showcasing group developing and exploring different avenues regarding new channels that your prospects aren’t being immersed with? In case you’re simply doing what the majority of your rivals are doing and aren’t having a go at anything new, at that point you’re as of now behind.

So as to achieve your elevated objectives every month, quarter, and year, you’re likely putting intensely in the customary channels above as an approach to catch intrigue and instruct your group of spectators about your innovation. We’d like to acquaint you with another channel that each advertiser should add to their tool compartment: email mark promoting.

The Power of Marketing-Plus-Sales

Frequently, advertisers work nearby their business partners to help art messages and crusades for the business group to use in prospecting key records to open the entryway to discussions. Conveying by means of email, (for example, Gmail or Outlook) is maybe one of the most normally utilized techniques for prospecting, and comparing when all is said in done, for deals reps. Truth be told, the normal representative of an organization will send 10,000 messages yearly! For an organization with only 100 representatives, that can rapidly heighten to over 1M messages sent yearly.

For advertisers, these email interchanges can be a prime open door for helping deals open the entryway by utilizing the email mark to produce extraordinary, warm leads from those officially presented to your organization. How?

Here are five different ways to begin

  • Brief Prospects to View a Product Demo Video

When prospecting an individual or an organization that is likely uninformed of what your organization does, give them some simple to-process data as a speedy video. Incorporate the suggestion to take action in the email signature for them to watch this 1–2 moment demo video to acquire a comprehension of what your item or administration offers, what the advantages are, just as speedy client achievement statements or logos.

By giving your prospects this data immediately, they can decide very quickly if the item or administration could be useful, opening the entryway to advance discussions, as opposed to looking to plan a 30-minute demo out of the door.

  • Feature Your Brand and Company Culture

You have an incredible organization culture, brimming with strengthening, progression, and representatives who are eager to come into work each day. Regularly, your prospects care the same amount of about your organization’s way of life as they do your items or administrations (stunner, I know!). It’s essential to uncover a portion of that culture by displaying it to your prospects. Utilize the email signature as an approach to feature non-benefit inclusion, energizing new worker activities or employment opportunities, or even a short video from your CEO discussing your organization’s guiding principle.

  • Advance a Conference, Event, or Webinar

Welcoming your prospect to pursue an up and coming meeting, public expo, online class, or field showcasing occasion is an easy method for locks in. By offering something of significant worth to the prospect by method for your email signature, you are demonstrating how your organization esteems instruction and assets. In the event that your prospect joins, you’ll have the chance to meet the person in question eye to eye at the occasion or gathering and jump further into finding their needs and objectives, just as have the chance to exhibit your item or administration by giving a customized demo.

  • Offer a Great Customer Success Story

Your clients love your item or administration, so why not share a portion of the triumphs uproarious and pleased? The email mark is an incredible spot to exhibit marks crosswise over industry, use case, issue they were comprehending, and the sky is the limit from there. Utilize the email mark suggestion to take action to feature the client name and results, at that point direct the prospect to download the full contextual investigation to peruse more data about how the organization accomplished the outcomes with your item or administration.

Client examples of overcoming adversity are probably the best approaches to quicken a discussion, particularly if your prospect knows about the organization that is being examined. Be glad for your clients, and offer their accounts!

  • Offer Your Newest Research

Prospects that are investigating items or administrations are consistently vigilant for incredible new idea authority, particularly if it’s fair-minded and led by an outsider. Research reports, whitepapers, and meetings of specialists in your field can be significant resources for your prospects as they proceed with their pursuit. Why not impart the data to them through the email signature and brief them to download it and offer with the group? It will give your organization an additional lift in believability while likewise increasing the value of the relationship.

Deals groups are occupied. They have a quantity to hit and needn’t bother with another diversion from the advertising group requesting that they drop what they’re doing to advance the following occasion or astonishing bit of substance. It isn’t so much that the business rep wouldn’t like to—they see the worth, however these solicitations are a diversion and regularly get lost.

The email mark is a staggering open door for advertisers to naturally embed advancements, substance, or significant suggestions to take action straightforwardly inside the email marks deals reps (or some other division, so far as that is concerned).

Oversee representative’s email marks to guarantee legitimate designing and marking on each and every worker email signature. Never again will you need to stress over obsolete marks, organizing issues, or wrong employments of hues and text styles (not any more purple and red Comic Sans!). By utilizing the email mark promoting chance to an advertiser’s favorable position, it’s anything but difficult to switch battles in and out with a couple of snaps of the mouse to guarantee the substance is in every case new and exceptional.