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Hardware as a Service program from LG Networks is an effective way to ease your frustrations from the regular need for new equipment and operating systems and its effect on your budget.

With a flat monthly fee for equipment and warranty service, we eliminate large capital outlays and allow IT equipment costs and related maintenance services to qualify as operating expenses, providing you with significant tax advantages.

icon_hw-and-swWe provide infrastructure hardware, operating systems, and other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls.

Let us bring predictability to your expenses as well as your revenue and profits.

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More About Hardware-as-a-Service and its Benefits…

The new flashy set of PCs your company just bought last year are becoming outdated, and you don’t have enough IT staff to maintain them. The same goes with servers, wireless printers and faxes. If this is your current situation, it might be time to consider changing the way you obtain and manage your hardware. Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a pay-as-you-go model where you pay your Managed Services Provider a monthly fee while they take care of all your hardware upgrades, maintenance and management. Here are 5 reasons HaaS might be a better answer for your business.

1. Save money

The first reason is simple: money. For SMBs, cash flow is a crucial matter. By shifting to HaaS you can say goodbye to the tedious and costly process of having to buy all the hardware outright. By paying a monthly fee to a Managed Services Providers (MSPs), you can turn a big capital investment into a small, manageable operational expense that leaves you money for other urgent matters.

2. Kiss out-of-date tech goodbye

Given limited financial resource, it’s not easy for SMEs to catch up with the latest technology. In a highly competitive business arena, you cannot win the game with your century old CPU while your competitors benefit from the latest technology. By using HaaS, your MSP has a responsibility to ensure that all of your hardware is capable of handling tasks efficiently, and they will achieve that through hardware upgrades and replacements.

3. Better maintenance

Buying new hardware isn’t the end of everything. Like most things in life, hardware needs to be taken care of. And most of the time, SMEs lack the proper expertise, knowledge, or even time to maintain it. HaaS solves this problem by letting your MSP do all the hardware management for you.

4. Better scalability for your business

As time progresses, your organization grows and changes, which means the needs for IT equipment changes too. HaaS solutions allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change so you don’t have to stick with unnecessary tools you no longer use.

5. Improve security

When it comes to security, software isn’t the only thing that needs to be up to date — your hardware does too. HaaS makes it easy to update to newer hardware, which is crucial to ensure adequate security. For instance, if you need a more powerful backup and recovery solution, your MSP will help you obtain new equipment as needed.

Thinking about switching to Haas but not sure where to start? Why not contact us today? We provide a variety of HaaS solutions tailored to suit any business’s needs. Tell us your IT requirements and let’s see what we can do.

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Aditionally: HaaS Defined

HaaS is another and quickly developing overseen administration, and the idea has been around for a considerable length of time. At the point when your link supplier introduces another switch to supplant an obsolete one, or your remote bearer sends you the most recent wireless incorporated into your month to month plan, they are basically giving equipment along the administration.

Indeed, even your office water cooler is a bit of equipment that is frequently included as a feature of your filtered water framework membership. Obtaining these things out and out may not be down to earth — who needs to be screwed over thanks to out of date and unusable hardware?

Obsolete IT gear can be considerably progressively exorbitant, particularly to a little or average sized association. It can prompt poor profitability, lower income and lost information. HaaS is basically similar to renting the system hardware, for example, servers, which your business would somehow or another reasonable need to buy, and it quite often incorporates an upkeep/bolster contract. Joined with an administration level understanding (SLA) from an oversaw administrations supplier (MSP) that covers all parts of your innovation needs — can lighten a great deal of equipment migraines and give some enormous advantages.

  • Diminished CAPITAL EXPENSE

By not spending a great deal of cash forthright for your next real system equipment redesign, HaaS has the budgetary advantage of changing over an enormous capital cost into an increasingly sensible working cost. This can free up your income and give all the more working capital, which is basic to numerous associations.

A fixed month to month cost likewise makes innovation costs budgetable. (Additionally observe: How a Virtual CIO (VCIO) Can Help DC SMBs Budget Better.) HaaS evacuates the unusualness factor associated with support and upkeep. On the off chance that your MSP has a proactive administration approach, and they should, at that point they have a personal stake in keeping up a proficient and gainful system.

  • Bid farewell TO OBSOLESCENCE

A HaaS arrangement incorporates fix or substitution of broken equipment, yet in addition opportune moves up to best in class innovation. This takes out a lot of the purchaser tension which so regularly goes with IT buys.

Keep in mind Moore’s Law? You can’t hope to be effective in tomorrow’s business scene utilizing yesterday’s instruments. HaaS is an extraordinary method to remain current with cutting edge innovation explicit to your industry and business objectives and necessities — from multifunction printers and copiers, to servers, PCs, peripherals and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Never again will you feel constrained to “attempt to make things work out” with obsolete innovation in light of cost requirements.


The proactive administration model related with HaaS conveys an abnormal state of administration trustworthiness and operational dependability. Progressing backing and contact with a MSP is likewise a decent method to guarantee the best working practices are utilized with your equipment.

Time and again, new equipment is acquired and upkeep is dismissed because of expenses. With a HaaS arrangement, the gear and administration is incorporated into the SLA. You can disregard the potential ramifications of hardware disappointment and framework crashes directly after a guarantee terminates. Simply let your MSP resolve — or even better, avert — the issue.

  • Adaptability

HaaS has worked in adaptability. As your association develops and changes, so do your innovation needs. With HaaS you can incorporate any number of new parts, from one to many, all relying upon your endeavor needs.

In meeting with your MSP, together you choose what gear is directly for you. On the off chance that the inverse happens and for reasons unknown your business contracts, you can even downsize with a HaaS arrangement and not be stuck owning unneeded apparatuses.


With regards to IT equipment and security, new is frequently better. System security now and again requires both equipment and programming refreshes. With HaaS, it is simple move up to the most recent equipment on the off chance that it is essential for security reasons. Or on the other hand, your may require a superior or greater machine as a segment of your reinforcement and calamity recuperation plan. Whatever your system security needs, HaaS can be a key piece of the arrangement.

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