Microsoft VDI Consulting

Desktop Virtualization Experts

LG Networks has the expertise to allow companies to virtualize their Windows Desktops in the datacenter while accelerating and extending desktop and application deployments from the datacenter to any device.

Desktop Virtualization Consulting Services

Some of our many successful desktop virtualization projects include:

  • Provided an IT firm with a stable centralized place for software developers to work., Intellectual property is no longer on desktops, and if the software developers don’t check their files into source control, they can still be retrieved off their desktop
  • Gave a professional services the ability to have their staff work from home
  • Allowed an insurance servicing bureau to continue to use older PCs as thin clients minimizing their cost of ownership

LG Networks can help you get up and running with minimal impact to your ongoing business processes while delivering a custom blend of service and technology consulting.

Your business–like most–puts security first; and so does LG Networks.

A Gold Certified Microsoft partner, LG Networks puts security first, ensuring your remote desktops are as safe as those you keep in-house.

Additionally, LG Networks has the team and talent to rapidly deploy Microsoft VDI and deliver entirely new levels of flexibility and performance in your virtual workspaces.

Administration of this environment is made easy for you as well. Your IT team will have the ability to centralize user desktops, and each user can enjoy a custom desktop experience with full administrative control over their desktop and applications.

With more and more organizations going out of house and outsourcing both for projects and positions, VDI is a tremendous fit as it enables contract and offshore workers to easily access their work environment, including from machines that are not owned by your organization.

LG Networks knows that business can ramp up quickly, and that scalable businesses need scalable solutions. LG Networks also retains data center resources to facilitate your project from end to end,

The Microsoft VDI Standard Suite and RDS Platform Provides:

  • Desktop Delivery: basic connection broker to deliver personalized and pooled virtual machine-based desktops in low-complexity environments; web-based remote access and full-fidelity end user experience
  • Application Delivery: separation of application layer from image with app streaming; reduce app-to-app conflicts and need for regression testing; easy application life cycle management via policies
  • Virtualization Platform: reliable, micro-kernelized hypervisor with small footprint; supports live migration
  • Management: integrated, end-to-end management; dynamic provisioning of apps to physical, virtual and session-based desktops; rapid VM provisioning with cloned VHDs; support for failover clustering and storage migration; patching, updating and monitoring of physical VDI host

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