Exchange Server Health Check

Exchange Server Health Check

Periodic downtime for mission-critical messaging and collaboration applications has a huge impact on business the second it happens. Everything from customer proposals and critical reports to the ability of the user population to execute their basic job functions is affected. The cost of this type of downtime is immense, and it immediately pushes valuable IT assets into a tactical stance.

LG Networks’ Exchange Health Check engagement collects data and statistics on the most important and critical aspects of the messaging environment: Operations, Performance, Infrastructure, Security and Routing. The goal of this health check is to proactively diagnose and analyze the data collected and potentially avoid any problems from surfacing in the future. The tools used are passive and only collect information about Exchange and Active Directory. They are read-only and do not make any changes to any servers.

The Exchange Health Check is designed for senior and top-level IT staff responsible for the daily support and maintenance of the Exchange environment. LG Networks will provide operations, configuration and architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your Exchange environment including:

     • Review of existing configuration to identify issues prior to affecting production
     • Compare environment and deployment to Microsoft Best Practices
     • Identify performance issues and eliminate bottlenecks
     • Understand issues prior to large scale migration or upgrade

Specific areas covered include:

     • Server Security – We assesses the security of your Exchange server(s) for service packs, virus scanning, access control, storage limits and services and make recommendations on vulnerabilities of web-based email, visibility of a user’s mailbox and group mail repositories.
     • Network Services Design – We examine core network services as related to Exchange, such as Active Directory and DNS, for optimum configuration and make recommended best practices.
     • Hardware Design/Performance – We evaluate your current hardware for CPU statistics, memory, cache and disk performance, mail throughput and delivery times, plans to upgrade or change of platform and standards.
     • Database Health – We assess all databases for consistency and corruption and make recommendations on disk maintenance and automated solutions.
     • Backup/Recovery Status – We examine your current server backup status and make recommendations for backup and restore strategies and processes, methods, automated recovery, media security, and other best practices.
     • Messaging Optimization – We assesses the design and performance of your messaging system, and make recommendations for routing groups and connectors.
     • External/Remote Access Design – We examine the design of your implementation for external and remote access functionality, accessibility and security.
     • Storage Management & Retrieval – Assessment on how current email capacity will handle increased email volumes.
     • Systems Management – Architecture and email topology – does the email system meet the demands of the business?


LG Networks’ Exchange Health Check reveals causes, not just symptoms, enabling you to take a proactive approach to reduce problems. This includes helping to optimize productivity and uncovering potential efficiency issues before they affect users and drive up support costs. Addressing any hidden vulnerabilities in your Exchange infrastructure and operational processes can result in improved uptime and lower support costs. Contact our Exchange Server experts to schedule your Exchange Health Check.


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