Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Migration Consultants

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Migration Consultants

The Exchange Server 2010 Migration Team from LG Networks will help your organization to upgrade to the latest version – Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. As part of the Microsoft Partner Program, our consultants are well trained on best practices and experienced on messaging system upgrades. We are regularly briefed on all Exchange Server 2010 updates, knowledge base and technet articles, and can assure a seamless upgrade of your messaging system. When considering an a migration to Exchange Server 2010, consider that our Exchange Server Consultants are sought after across the US; that this strong consulting team is available during non-business hours; and that we have great client references.


Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Cross-Premises Email Routing Microsoft cites the example of a school that wishes to use on-premises email for staff and an externally hosted service for students. We have deployed Exchange in many schools that would love to do exactly that, as well as some large enterprises that want to retain highly available, mission critical mail services in one system and move non-critical users onto a cheaper platform elsewhere. Enhanced Disclaimers Immediately solves the problem of customers wanting to include links, images, or dynamically generate their disclaimers using AD attributes and have had to turn to third party commercial options to do this. Moderated Transport This feature solves the problem of protecting distribution lists from inappropriate use without totally blocking them off from important emails. Reduced IOPS Improvements to the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) have reduced disk IOPS requirements by as much as 70% from Exchange Server 2007, making Exchange storage sizing a much simpler and less costly exercise. In a discussion with Microsoft they sketched out a storage layout of single 1TB SATA II disks (without RAID) each hosting a single database for hundreds (or thousands) of users. High Availability The enhancements to high availability (now being called “continuous availability”) are nothing short of spectacular, with Database Availability Groups (DAG) providing per-database failover capabilities, making failover scenarios more efficient and easier to plan for. Seamless Mailbox Moves With MAPI connectivity abstracted to the Client Access Server layer mailbox moves on the backend database can occur without interrupting client connectivity. Obviously this makes scheduling of any mailbox move scenario a much easier task.

New Features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 brings a new and rich set of technologies, features, and services to the Exchange Server product line. The following is a list of the new features and functionality that are included in Exchange 2010 and it provides important information to use when you’re upgrading, migrating, deploying, and administering Exchange 2010 in your organization. Outlook Web Access (OWA) support for Multiple Browsers Support for different browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more. Improved Storage Reliability New ability to run Exchange reliably without dealing with Windows clustering, RAID arrays, or fancy Enterprise-class disk. It will be cheap to save or restore/ recover data and quick too. Mail Tips Mail Tips is a program which tells you about the possible mistakes you are going to do by sending an email to someone whom you don’t intend to. Mail Tips helps you by warning you in advance and giving you tips. Conversation View Users can now view threaded conversations under one single node when exchanging messages. Sharing This is another feature that allows to share a lot of things effectively. Exchange Server 2010 has two new main properties to share:

  •      • Calendar Sharing. You can share calendars to federated users by OWA.
  •      • Contact Sharing. You can share contacts very easily now.
  • Voice Mail Preview Users will now have a text preview of your voice mail messages. Exchange Control Panel (ECP) Get self-serviced tasks that before required administrators intervention. Critical Security Microsoft has gone over the typical or traditional security benchmarks and have fancied some really cool features in Exchange server programs. If you lead an organization, you will be happy to know that Microsoft has introduced features like:
  •      • Mobile Device Block/Allow List. Block/unblock specific devices only, helping you to have a secure way of hardware monitoring.
  •      • Protected voice mail. You can now actually protect voice mail and track them and restrict them not to go outside the organization anyhow.
  •      • Outlook protection rules. Automatically triggers Outlook to apply an RMS template to a message before it is sent.

Distribution Group Management Create, modify and access different distribution groups according to your choices and likings. That will help a better precision in teaming with the right kind of people under a single roof which will automatically increase effectiveness than reaching out to specific people individually. Others SATA support now involving I/O optimization, JDBO support, incoming voice mail reception and multi-mailbox search

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If you need to upgrade your Exchange Server to the new Exchange Server 2010 within a well-orchestrated engagement, our Exchange Server Migration Experts will seamlessly upgrade your email server. Our Exchange Server 2010 Migration Professionals have acquired in-depth experience after having deployed numerous messaging systems using Exchange Server Best Practices. Get in touch with our certified Exchange Server Upgrade Specialists for a free assessment.

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